Contact us

We prefer to be contacted by e-mail or by our booking form as this gives us a paper trail to follow and eliminates the possibility of forgetting something.

Our preferred methods of contact in order of preference.

If you call us we will probably ask you to send us an e-mail with your request anyway.

1. Booking Form: Live Bookings Use the link to get to our booking form.

2. E-mail: info@kosimoon.co.za. Send us your arrival and departure dates the number of people sharing needing double beds or single beds or single rooms. If you need meals please specify that and advise us if you need vegetarian meals and or have anything you cannot eat. We also need your contact numbers and e-mail address.

3. Cell phone: Cell 083 294 5617  (Ray) . If it’s necessary to speak to someone at Kosi Moon then you can use the cell phone numbers provided. Please note we are not a general source of information for the area and have most of the information you will need on our website anyway. If you have booked at another lodge in the area and need information on the area please consult with your lodge and not us. Of course for our guests we are more than willing to offer any information they may require.

4. It is doubtful that the Telkom line will ever be fixed so this is really not a option for contacting us. In fact we will be discontinuing this service since there is no service. Telkom land line: Tel 035 592 9665 Int Tel 2735 592 9665. As this line is often not working this should be the last method of contact you should try. Sometimes it rings on your end but not on ours and if you to leave a message we will not be able to retrieve it and get back to you.